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Hey ^-^

Hi, I just joined and wanted to say hi! And that Orli is the hottest guy ever! ^-^

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Especially when he does his sweet confused look!! ^
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The background is AMAZING! Who did it? Can I kidnap that person? Anyway, lol, I just joined after much lurking and found smthg you might like ;) The journal belongs to a certain someone called LegolasWoodElf and is the best thing I've seen in quite sometime. Sorry can't link you, computer is being moronic. Please look at that site and I'm absolutely in love with the background on your page. Kisses!
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Jensen laughing


Oh, finally it's open, and what a beautiful design, too!

Well, I see it's allowed to post whatever, so I thought I'd promote a friend of mine, a wonderful fanfiction author.

Her name is Coriel and I recommend all her wonderful Legolas tales, especially her masterpiece I return.

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Eternal Sunshine/Joel/Clem/kiss

New Legolas Community

I know there are thousands but what's one more? Here you can post almost anything you want that has to do with Legolas, our favorite elf from Lord of the Rings. Don't be shy to post icons, wallpapers, fanficiton, fanart, things like that. The only rules are not to harass eachother and any graphic art or fanfiction should be posted in a LJ cut. Thanks!
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